2 N.C. Children Shoot Mother’s Attacker Dead

Two children from North Carolina were forced to use a gun to defend their mother who was being attacked. The man had a history of violence with the mother and brandished a pistol previously. He also was alleged to have threatened to have killed all within the house. One of the kids found the weapon and gave it to the older sibling who in turn shot the man who was in the middle of assaulting the mother. He died quickly at the scene of the crime and authorities decided not to press charges against the children. Another sibling was injured in the attack as well as the mother, both were treated for the wounds then released.

Skeleton Found in Sacramento Backyard

A Sacramento neighborhood was shaken when workers helping with a home renovation discovered human bones, eventually finding the entire skeleton the day after Christmas. After a brief investigation a suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of stabbing his roommate in 2015 and disposing of his body in the backyard.


Former Singer Beaten to Death on New Year’s Day

A former soul singer was beaten and strangled by a young homeless man on January 1st, 2018. The singer had taken to the streets in recent years and was trying to find shelter where she could when a 22-year-old Rosendo Xo Pec attempted to rape the 76-year-old woman. As she attempted to flee and alert others the assailant became increasingly violent as he struck the woman in the head and began choking her. She would die before help arrived. Thankfully Rosendo was taken into custody and faces multiple charges

Infant Found Dead In Baby Swing Covered in Insects

Alta Vista, Iowa. August 30th, 2017. 911 dispatch is summoned to the home of a young child, Sterling Koehn. The parents of the child called concerned and reported that their 4-month old infant was unresponsive. As soon as paramedics arrived they were shocked at what was discovered. The lifeless corpse of a child in a baby swing, slumped and unmoving. The child was found dead with maggots littered throughout his body and within his clothes. Authorities would later comment the child had not been fed or cleaned in days, theorizing he was left in the swing, unsupervised for days before finally perishing from the neglect.

The parents have been charged with child endangerment and first-degree murder with their first court appearance scheduled for Nov. 2, 2017.

Woman Slain on Porch from Gun Shot Wound to the Face

A 42-year-old woman named Melissa Manhart was found dead on her porch at an apartment complex earlier this month. She had died from a single gun shot wound to the face. The crime is an open case and is being investigated by the Pittsburgh violent crime unit.

Please contact your local law enforcement if you have any information.

Mother Uses Makeup To Conceal Dead Child's Injuries

A 22 year-old mother in Utah attempted to conceal the injuries of her dead child, who fell at the hands of her 25 year-old father. The two were arrested on July 6th on suspicion of murder of their daughter.

The father had allegedly been abusing the child for some time. The girl was found by law enforcement unconsciousand not breathing, dying a short time afterwards. A veneer of some residue which was concluded later to be makeup was applied by the mother so that the injuries wouldn't appear as bad as they truly were. The two are awaiting charges and are currently being held.