2 N.C. Children Shoot Mother’s Attacker Dead

Two children from North Carolina were forced to use a gun to defend their mother who was being attacked. The man had a history of violence with the mother and brandished a pistol previously. He also was alleged to have threatened to have killed all within the house. One of the kids found the weapon and gave it to the older sibling who in turn shot the man who was in the middle of assaulting the mother. He died quickly at the scene of the crime and authorities decided not to press charges against the children. Another sibling was injured in the attack as well as the mother, both were treated for the wounds then released.

Mother Leaves Children in Trunk

A woman, Tori Lee Castillo, was detained in Utah for locking her two children; a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old, in the trunk of her car according to police. Several passers by noticed the vehicle moving despite their appearing to be no one present. The movement were from the children trying to get people's attention. The shoppers helped the children escape by instructing them how to use the emergency latch in the trunk.

The woman faces child abuse charges and the children are now under the watch of Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services.