Familicide Man Sentenced to Death

Naples, Florida. October 27th, 2017. A decision on sentencing has been reached in the Damas Familicide case. Mesac Damas was sentenced to death for the murder of his entire family on September 18th, 2009. Up until this point Mesac had acted strangely, from refusing to bathe and groom his self to changing his name throughout his incarceration. He was eventually sent to a mental health facility but in mid-2017 he was found to be competent to stand trial where the court made their ruling. 

In order to preserve the names of the victims, I would like to list them here: Guerline Damas (32), Michzach Damas(9), Marven Damas(6), Maven Damas(5), Megan Damas(3), & Morgan Damas(11 months).