The Monster in Greenville

December 22, 1999. A small flower shop is open for business in Greenville, South Carolina. 30-year-old florist Karen Moore Hayden was busy with various arrangements when she was accosted by a stranger. Her throat was cut deep and the young, innocent woman was left face down while a pool of her own blood began to form around her. She would be discovered hours later by a colleague. A regular delivery man noticed that the store look deserted, lights out with a closed sign being hung in the window. Noting the oddity. The delivery man unlocked the door only to find the gruesome discovery. 

Initially there was not much to go on except for one single fact. The scene looked very similar to what previously happened months earlier at a local radio shack electronics store. On June 26th, 1999, Jonathan Lemuel Lara was holding down the store by his self when he was suddenly grabbed, forced into the back room of the store and tied to a chair with flex ties. The attackers immediately locked the front door. It’s not entirely sure what led the two suspects into the store that day or what was said that what lead to the untimely death of Mr. Lara, but while restrained in the chair he would be stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver. They then fled through the door in the back of the store. Like the previous case, authorities were baffled as to what had transpired and who could’ve committed such a heinous act. 

Dallen Forrest Bounds

Dallen Forrest Bounds

After the second murder of Karen Hayden, Greenville detectives would not have to wait much longer to find out who was responsible. On December 23rd, 1999, one day later, police were called to the scene of a double homicide. 28-year-old Dallen Forrest Bounds had broken into the Easley, South Carolina home of Timothy Ott and shot his ex-girlfriend, Sandi Roberts Ott. Sandi would be found in the kitchen surrounded by a pool of blood after being shot by Bounds. After shooting Sandi, Bounds then went after her ex-husband, Timothy, who was attempting to flee and get help. Bounds was able to catch up to him sadly and shoot him in the head as well. Both murders occurred while their son slept in his bed.

Authorities wanted to track down Bounds as soon as possible. He was a person of interest as he was not only the ex-boyfriend of Sandi, but he was also alleged to have been stalking her as well. He would be found at a different home in Easley. He had broken into another home, barricaded himself within and held two female hostages for hours. Once cops had arrived on the scene it did not take long for Bounds to show his true colors. Once he started to stare punishment and justice in the face, he turned away, took a glance at his pistol, put it to his head and pulled the trigger. Bounds reign of terror had ended by him taking his own life.

Police had no idea that Bounds’ tentacles stretched further then the Ott double murder. An anonymous call was made which connected him to 2 unsolved murders in Greenville, the murder Karen Hayden and the murder of Jonathan Lara. After investigating the claims authorities were able to tie Bounds to the crimes. Detectives would go on to arrest Cassandra Laster, a former roommate of Bounds, in connection with the Lara murder as well. Officially South Carolina authorities were able to solve and clear 4 murders, attributing them to Bounds. To this day little is known of Bounds movements and actions. He is still considering a suspect in a number of murders in Washington state.