Fish Head Beach Murders

A young couple, Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen were set to marry in just a few months and found themselves in California working for a summer camp. During a break from the camp the couple decided to explore California a bit more on their own while they had the chance. Records showed them going through San Francisco, checking out the famed Pier 39. They made their way further North towards Sonoma County. On the evening of August 14th 2004, they attempted to find lodgings but found it impossible without reservations. Since they couldn’t get a room they were told about camping on the beach. Since they had not option they decided this was the best course of action and tried to make the best of it. The beach would be secluded and falling asleep to the crashing waves would be soothing for the young couple. 

While trying to make the best of the situation the couple was ambushed. There camp was found by helicopter a few days later on August 18th and soon authorities discovered the couple had been shot while sleeping. What seemed strange about the murders was there seemed to be no motive. It was not a murder-suicide, nothing appeared to be stolen and neither appeared to be abused sexually. There were not many clues left and quickly the case grew cold. The couple hadn’t appeared to make any real enemies and no one in the community stood out as someone who would do such a horrible thing. There was theories that a drifter may have been the perpetrator but was never proven. The case remained stagnant for years, popping up from time to time during an anniversary but rarely was there any updates. A reward was soon offered but no one stepped up with information trying to claim it.

For over a decade the victims families as well as the community had to move forward knowing the killer of this young couple was walking free among them until a breakthrough was announced on May 5th, 2017. During a press conference law enforcement announced proudly that they had identified and had in custody the man they suspected in the double homicide. The man was identified as 38 year old Shaun Gallon. Gallon had been a person of interest for some time but it wasn’t until a recent brush with the law were police able to hone in on their suspect. Gallon was arrested for the murder of his brother and while in custody for that crime, police grilled him on the double murder. According to the press conference law enforcement felt Gallon had key information that was not released publicly and only the killer would know. Charges were filed against him in his brother’s death and charges are to be forthcoming in the double homicide.