Tore Hedin: Sweden's Worst Spree Killer

January 7th, 1927. The small town of Stora Harrie located to the South of Sweden. This day would see the welcoming of it’s newest resident, Tore Hedin. Hulda and Per Alfred would welcome there son into the world with love, never imagining that one day their boy would commit one of the worst crimes in Swedish history.

Tore Hedin pictured.

Tore Hedin pictured.

Hurvamorden is the name that would eventually be given to the many crimes and atrocities committed by Tore Hedin. Tore’s first known crime would start out petty but quickly escalate. It would be somewhat of a calling card for the young criminal, showing he would do whatever he had to in order to get away with a crime. In September of 1943, Tore was in need of some oats for his family farm and instead of planning ahead to buy them, he decided to steal them from a local brewery. If that were the end, I would consider that harmless and stupid. Tore decided to burn the brewery down in order to conceal his crime. The escalation of the crime was pretty terrifying, considering this is the first known serious crime committed by Tore, graduating straight to arson. It seemed to have work as Tore was not charged and seemed to keep his nose clean. At some point, the young man seemed to have turned things around at some point. He left his life of crime behind him and joined forces with law enforcement, becoming a police officer. Or was it all just a ruse.

Apparently it was a ruse. On November 28th, 1951, Tore would escalate his crimes once more. His friend, John Allan Nilsson would be murdered after hosting a poker game in his home. Tore was the man responsible for his death. He took whatever money he lost from the man and then some. I was unable to track down an actual cause of death but in addition to the murder and robbery, staying true to form, Tore decided to burn his friend’s home down in order to conceal the crime once more. In an even more disgusting turn of events, Tore being local law enforcement, helped out with the case, no doubt ensuring his colleagues would never come close to pinning the murder on him.

9-months go by and Tore Hedin seems to be only getting worse. Tore’s fiancé, Ulla Östberg (24), had just ended the couple’s engagement. Not knowing how to properly filter his emotions, Tore lashed out. He struck Ulla with handcuffs and began threatening to shoot her. This led to his eventual firing from the local police force. Tore attempted to reconcile multiple times with his fiancé, but she refused to accept him back. These events seemed to be the breaking point for the young man.

Tore investigating a scene.

Tore investigating a scene.

August 21st, 1952. Tore found his self armed and at his parents home late at night. This would be the start of the biggest killing spree Sweden history. Tore’s first victims would be his parents, Hulda (57) & Per Alfred Hedin (74). After murdering his parents Tore burned their house down in an attempt to once again, hide evidence. Afterwards, Tore made his way to his fiancé’s job. Tore broke into the house and killed Ulla and her co-worker, Agnes Lundin (55). He struck both women with an axe multiple times. After the killing, Tore blocked the entrance to the building and again resorted to his old trick, setting the building on fire. Five additional victims would die to the fire that was set from their burns or smoke inhalation. Those victims were: Bengta Andersson, Elna Andersson, Nils Larsson, Maria Nilsson, & Maria Pettersson

Quickly it was determined that Tore was the mastermind behind the attacks and a search team was formed. Just as quickly, Tore disappeared, alluding authorities immediately after the events transpired. At first, people thought Tore was a mastermind. He had escaped capture and could be anywhere. Shortly thereafter it was discovered that Tore had killed his self. His belongings were found at a lake along with a suicide note. The note lacked any sorrow or sympathy and deflected blame from hisself, blaming it on those around him. His body would eventually be found in the lake weighted down to keep him submerged as long as possible. Motives on what could have cause Tore to act out in such a way still not fully known. Below is a rough translation of his suicide note:

"The phone rings, the police are running and looking for me. But never find me. Never. But my car has found it now and if you want to solve a riddle, look in the wet if you think I'm there.

Yes, my friends, why I have done all this now? It may seem to be a deed's work and is it crash too. As you know yourself, you are known by other people. And there you can see today red and tomorrow dead. You never catch when one's hour hits. I'll just briefly talk about what I've done and why, so you do not lie to the curious public. In September 1943 I put fire at GGustavshills Brewery in Annelöv. And the reason was that I had stolen oats in the wind. We had a horse at home, caressed and constantly hungry. I do not know that something stolen, I lit them. And the sender has just followed the other, as you know.

In the autumn of 1946 I stabbed a motorcycle, L 150, in Kristianstad and left it in Åsum. In November 1951, especially at 28:30 at 2:30, I murdered Johan Folke Allan Nilsson in Tjörnarp and lit his house at just 3 o'clock. The reason was money and I came over $ 4360 at this time.

And the last thing happened because I was deceived by a woman who meant everything to me. She has let me down and I pay betrayal in this way. On August 21 at 24 o'clock I killed my father and my mother. Then I drove to the fraudulent girl in Hurva and got there at 0.30. After seeing me around, I killed her and her boss at 1.30 am and lighted at 2 o'clock. At first I had poured out petrol a little somewhere. Yes, now I stop and hope you can complete it. My last will is that, if there were anything left after me, two people (the names were given) share. These are the best friends I've ever had, and they need it both than well both ...

In the hope that only facts are coming to the end of the press, I now regret that I have never become detective, because then many undeclared mysteries would have been resolved. Without bragging, this is all I thought of. 

Yes, now is 4 o'clock on August 22, 1952 and I end my sad life with the hope of being understood and forgiven by those who have the desire and ease. 

Glad, calm and ready I go to death, for everything has now been met. 

Tore Hedin, killer, address unknown. 

PS My parents killed me because they would not let me suffer for what I did. DS "